Grind & Prosper Hospitality

| What | Grind & Prosper Hospitality is a San Diego based restaurant group comprised of four original concepts and two partnerships. Founder Pete Cich has been conceptualizing this collective for many years, however it was officially crafted in 2015. He has always had a vision for far more than the traditional hospitality career path and aimed to create something he could call his own. With Pete’s larger than life personality and a team whose drive just wont quit, GPH is currently undergoing rapid expansion. 

Visions of grandeur? Perhaps. 

But it’s working for us. 

| Who + Why | GPH is comprised of a group of industry veterans. Friends who have become family over the many years of working late nights and early mornings together in the San Diego hospitality industry. We do not shy away from hard work, long hours, or tough days (of which there are many!) But if there is one adage that anyone would say we live by, it’s “work hard, play hard.” For every difficult day there is an equal and opposite day that makes it all worth it. We all have to work, so in true Pete fashion we decided to make it the craziest damn ride we can. 

Grind now to prosper later.

| Philosophy | We believe in creating an experience, not just a medium for pushing out great food and drink. Setting the mood and creating a fun atmosphere is paramount. We are big on VIBES. Without them, we have nothing. As with any good business, we look for holes in the market when creating each of our ventures. We want to surprise our guests and aren’t afraid to take a risk in a new area – each location teaches us something more. Not only about our community, location and clientele, but also about ourselves; helping us discover innovative ways to grow our business while giving each neighborhood what they want. 

We strongly believe in forming relationships, whether it be with our guests, with our staff, or with our industry peers. Call it networking, building our community, whatever you’d like. To us, it’s of the utmost importance. 

Come join us. We’re a good time.